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SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: CSS Blocks from LinkedIn

When the web developers at LinkedIn were considering the site’s presence in markets with more limited bandwidth allowances, they realized every bit of data used counted. While there are plenty of factors to site performance, senior staff engineer Chris Eppstein and his team focused on streamlining CSS stylesheets, resulting in this week’s highlighted GitHub project, … continue reading

Apple open-sources compression algorithm

Last year at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced a low-energy, high-performance compression algorithm to its developers. The LZFSE compression library and command-line tool reference implementation are now available on GitHub under Apple’s own license. The code was originally released on GitHub 19 days ago. LZFSE was specifically designed to save energy on portable devices. … continue reading

Google introduces new compression algorithm

Two years ago, Google released the Zopfli compression algorithm, which saw large-scale interest. Yesterday, the company followed it up that with a new open-source compression algorithm known as Brotli. Zopfli was quickly adopted by developers building PNG optimizers or other Web-useful items, like font compression. The goal for Brotli is to enable even more use … continue reading

‘Silicon Valley’ Season 2 premiere: Series A Datageddon

Every successful tech startup begins with a great idea. The first season of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” found an unassuming software developer stumbling across his, and fighting for his vision of what it should be. The second season opens with a modern Silicon Valley phenomenon: venture capital companies lining up to give said developer piles of … continue reading Protection Status