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SD Times news digest: TypeScript 4.4 RC, AWS announces cross-account data sharing for Amazon Redshift, JetBrains releases GoLand 2021.3 roadmap

Microsoft announced the release candidate of TypeScript 4.4, and said it expects no further changes apart from critical bug fixes for the stable release.  Major highlights of the release candidate include control flow analysis of aliased conditions and discriminants, symbol and template string pattern index signatures, defaulting to the ‘unknown’ type in catch variables, and … continue reading

Microsoft tackles data sharing between organizations

Microsoft wants to tackle a major barrier that organizations have when trying to share data: they often have to spend months or years negotiating and drawing up contracts that dictate data sharing arrangements.To help alleviate the issue, Microsoft is developing three data use agreements and hopes to add more to cover a wide range of … continue reading

SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: 4, the emoji programming language

Emojis are taking over. They’re already edging out text as the alpha dog of SMS messaging, and now members of the 4chan image board are aiming to supplant code with the tiny emoticons as well. According to FourMan, the mysterious developer behind 4, the programming language aims to be easy to use and made up … continue reading

Industry Watch: A matter of trust

It’s not just the government that wants to know all about you; consumer apps are going down the same path … continue reading Protection Status