Microsoft announced the release candidate of TypeScript 4.4, and said it expects no further changes apart from critical bug fixes for the stable release. 

Major highlights of the release candidate include control flow analysis of aliased conditions and discriminants, symbol and template string pattern index signatures, defaulting to the ‘unknown’ type in catch variables, and more. 

Instead of having to convince TypeScript of a variable’s type whenever it is used, the type-checker leverages control flow analysis to deduce the type within every language construct.

Additional details on the new release are available here

AWS announces cross-account data sharing for Amazon Redshift

This new feature offers users a simple and secure way to share fresh, complete, and consistent data in their  Amazon Redshift data warehouse with any number of stakeholders across AWS accounts.

Users can now share data across organizations and collaborate with external parties while meeting compliance and security requirements.

All of the permissions required for authorization and association are managed with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), so users can create IAM policies to control which operations each user can complete. Also, both the producer and consumer clusters must be encrypted and in the same AWS Region.=

Additional details are available here

JetBrains releases GoLand 2021.3 roadmap

New features for GoLand 2021.3 include new abilities to control the behavior of go list, the ability to reload the go.mod file after making changes, and the ability to run default built-in and gofmt formatters one by one. 

JetBrains is planning to add code inspections, refactorings, and intention actions for working with generics on Go 1.18.

Also on the drawing board is support for WSL, the integration of go linters right inside GoLand, as well as other debugger and code editing changes. 

Additional details are available here

Apache weekly update 

Last week at the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Apache Geode 1.13.4, which provides a database-like consistency model, reliable transaction processing and a shared-nothing architecture to maintain very low latency performance with high concurrency processing.

Other new releases included Flink 1.12.5, OFBiz 17.12.08, EventMesh (incubating) 1.2.0, Pulsar 2.7.3, Hop (Incubating) 0.99, Tomcat 9.0.52, 10.1.0-M4 (alpha), and 10.0.10.

Apache addressed an arbitrary file upload vulnerability in OFBiz, a ServiceComb ServiceCenter directory traversal, and a no authentication on logging server vulnerability in Apache Workflow. 

Additional details on all of the latest from Apache are available here