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SD Times news digest: DataKitchen announces new DevOps training; Zluri series A; Upland Software acquires Objectif Lune

DataOps company DataKitchen announced the launch of its new DataOps Training and Certification program which educates data professionals on the “why, what, and how” of DataOps and prepares them to lead DataOps change within their own organizations. The 2.5 hour course covers the fundamentals of DataOps including Production Pipelines, Development Pipelines, Environment Pipelines, and Implementation.  … continue reading

DataOps engineers run toward error and automate it away

The DataOps role is unique in the space of data analytics, with its goal to enable data engineers, scientists, analysts and governance to own the pipelines that run the assembly process. Essentially, DataOps engineers work on, but not in, these pipelines, according to a DataKitchen webinar titled “A Day in the Life of a DataOps … continue reading Protection Status