DataOps company DataKitchen announced the launch of its new DataOps Training and Certification program which educates data professionals on the “why, what, and how” of DataOps and prepares them to lead DataOps change within their own organizations.

The 2.5 hour course covers the fundamentals of DataOps including Production Pipelines, Development Pipelines, Environment Pipelines, and Implementation. 

“The demand for DataOps is overwhelming,” said Chris Bergh, the CEO and Head Chef at DataKitchen. “However, DataOps is a victim of its own success as many industry vendors have opportunistically represented themselves as DataOps solutions, essentially ‘DataOps washing’ their products, causing more market confusion. Our definitive training gives data professionals the knowledge they need to create and implement their own DataOps strategy, as well as accurately assess DataOps claims.”

Zluri series A

Zluri, a Saas Management platform provider, raised $10 million in a Series A funding round to advance its platform for IT teams that helps companies discover, manage and optimize, secure and automate SaaS applications from a single dashboard.

“We have made significant investments into our one-click automation engine, which helps IT Teams streamline and automate workflows across the organization thus helping them manage, optimize and secure their technology stacks effectively,” said Ritish Reddy, co-founder of Zluri. “We will continue our investments to extend our lead in this space and the current round of funding will help us further accelerate our global growth and product innovation.”

Upland Software acquires Objectif Lune

Upland Software announced that it acquired Objectif Lune, which provides document composition and business communication automation.

With the acquisition, Upland adds the capability to modernize complex, paper-based documents for large-volume print production as well as automated delivery across web, email, and mobile platforms.

“This means we can help businesses produce more sophisticated paper documents where they are still required, replace paper with digital delivery where desired, and enable document digital transformation without requiring companies to change their legacy systems,” said Jack McDonald, the chairman and CEO of Upland.