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Why I can never be a developer advocate

I want to address the topic of being a Developer Advocate. Several people in my area of the tech industry now hold the title of “Developer Advocate”. I have no problem with that title, and this post means no disrespect to anyone with that title (many of them are my friends). However, I am curious … continue reading

Developer relations in a coronavirus world: The same, but different

I go to conferences on both sides of the Atlantic, and there’s a slightly hilarious thing that happens at morning caffeine break. Someone from the UK will walk up to the hot drink station and register bafflement, because there’s not hot water to make tea. Also our tea bags are pretty substandard, and there might … continue reading sparks innovation with new Community platform and Internet of APIs Awards aims to boost innovation and foster a creative developer culture with its new Community, which consists of technical and semi-technical users with an understanding of automation and integration., a digital automation platform, is known for its integration tool Flow, which lets developers and non-developers connect with an API builder. Flow … continue reading Protection Status