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Perfecto expands its digital reach

Enterprises are going through a massive transformation as to how they interact with an end user, since they are moving away from physical to digital interactions. Fundamentally, companies understand that the focus must change, but they need to determine how to create and deliver applications with the right experience. Today, Perfecto Mobile, a company built … continue reading

The new Visual Studio Installer, DuckDuckGo programming Instant Answers, and A-Frame v0.2.0—SD Times news digest: April 4, 2016

Microsoft wants to make it easier for developers to access the tools they need to build their mobile, cloud or desktop solutions, regardless of the language or framework. The company has announced the minimal code editor experience that gives developers the core elements of Visual Studio in just a couple of hundred megabytes. The code … continue reading

Cryptography pioneers receive Turing Award

The ACM Turing Award, presented by the Association for Computing Machinery, is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize of Computing.” Today, Whitfield Diffie, former chief security officer at Sun Microsystems, and Martin E. Hellman, professor emeritus of electrical engineering at Stanford University, were recipients of the 2015 award for their contributions to modern cryptography. … continue reading Protection Status