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Getting veterans into tech and software

Today is a day already marked on everyone’s calendar: Veterans Day. All over, you can find parades and events to recognize the men and women who served, as well as areas where veterans can get discounts and special services for serving our country. But what about where they can get jobs? The unemployment rate for … continue reading

Making computer science class more like the real world

Software developers are notoriously opinionated, but there’s one thing all corporate coders can agree upon: College doesn’t always prepare newcomers for the real-world experience of writing software on a team. Armando Fox and David Patterson, two computer science professors at the University of California, Berkeley, discovered this unspoken agreement when they interviewed enterprise developers to … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Why your developers are feeling confident

A positive view of the economy and of their own job prospects means IT workers and engineers are feeling happier … continue reading

Get a job! The developer’s guide to finding work

While software development is a fertile ground for jobs, these tips can help you ultimately land that job … continue reading

On your own in the workforce

When you’re not in a proper job, there are things you can do to set yourself up for one… or stay afloat by yourself … continue reading Protection Status