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SD Times Blog: Pop! goes the bubble

Even before the wave of bad Valley news last night, January made things in the San Francisco Bay Area tense. We’ve been on edge for months here in anticipation of the Super Bowl. Now that those immense proceedings are over, the Bay Area seems to be exhaling a large sigh of relief. Thing is, maybe … continue reading

Guest View: Dead unicorns are on the horizon

Just as in “Game of Thrones,” winter is coming, and with it come huge risks to investors and employees of the so-called unicorns. Unicorns are broadly defined as startups worth US$1 billion or more. Once rare and mythical, there are now more than 100 unicorns, according to some estimates. However, once these firms are faced … continue reading

IT spending on the rise as recession winds down

Figures were taken from a recent HP/Capgemini survey … continue reading

IT spending looking up for 2011

A survey from Goldman Sachs reveals that IT spending is growing going into the end of the year, boding well for the economy … continue reading

M&A deals, value decline in 2009

A sluggish start dragged the year’s numbers down, but the second half showed signs of improvement going into 2010 … continue reading Protection Status