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Samsung Galaxy Fold ready for relaunch

Samsung is finally giving more details about its foldable device, the Galaxy Fold. The company announced plans to  launch an improved Galaxy Fold in September, and promises it fixed the display issues that prevented it from releasing it earlier this year. RELATED CONTENT: Foldable technology will force developers to think outside the box “I do … continue reading

Preemptible VMs for Google’s cloud, Rust 1.0, and Meteor raises $20 million—SD Times news digest: May 19, 2015

Google has announced Preemptible Virtual Machines, a new beta cloud technology for Google Compute Engine. Preemptible VMs are cloud instances that can be shut down at any time for short-term storage capacity at a low fixed cost. Google recommended them for distributed, fault-tolerant workloads that don’t require continuous availability of any single instance. The temporary … continue reading

Samsung’s big developer push

Through new SDKs, multiscreen opportunities and developer programs, Samsung looks to expand its software presence … continue reading Protection Status