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Rust 1.11 released, new Google startup space, and Facebook and Unity gaming platform—SD Times news digest: Aug. 19, 2016

The Rust team has announced the latest version of Rust. Rust 1.11 includes work to compiler internals that are not yet stable, and other user-facing changes. The Rust team also announced features like MIR becoming the default and the beginnings of incremental compilation, which Rust 1.11 has laid the groundwork for. According to Rust: “The … continue reading

New platforms from AWS for game developers, Safer Internet Day 2016, and an IoT SDK from C-Labs—SD Times new digest: Feb. 9, 2016

Amazon has announced that Amazon Lumberyard, a free, cross-platform 3D game engine for developers, is available to download in beta for PC and console developers. (Mobile and VR versions are coming soon.) Non-technical game developers can add cloud-connected features to a game through a drag-and-drop GUI, and other game developers can connect their games to … continue reading

Rancher Labs releases beta version of Rancher, and Google updates Play services—SD Times news digest: June 15, 2015

Rancher Labs has announced the beta launch of its open-source infrastructure platform for containers. Rancher is designed to provide a set of services for managing containers in production. Features include cross-host networking, container load balancing, storage management, service discovery, service upgrades, resource management, native Docker support, and multi-tenancy and user management. “Much of the excitement … continue reading Protection Status