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Is gamification a motivator or a hindrance to Agile teams?

Gamification as a concept in software development is nothing new. Developers have long been using it as a means of increasing user engagement in their applications. Gamification in apps traditionally involves implementing some game-like elements, such as leveling up, getting achievements, or competing on a leaderboard, that will encourage a user to stay in an … continue reading

Guest View: Cybersecurity education isn’t a game. Or is it?

Security, specifically application security, has become a huge challenge for IT companies worldwide. Actually, most companies in any vertical nowadays have some sort of IT platform they maintain. An increasing number of exploits, causing widespread financial and technical damage, are being reported on an almost daily basis. Yet the biggest vulnerability you have is sitting … continue reading

Apps find new ways to spark interest in music

Forget what you’ve heard about the music business. While it may be hard to feed a family of four on gigs, the market for musical gear and education is exploding. In 2014, new instruments and apps for learning how to play them are taking advantage of software and embedded technology. Take the fantastical circular keyboard … continue reading

Playing games with developers

Gamification, if done right, can boost developer productivity and customer engagement … continue reading

Industry Watch: Behavior management isn’t a game

What looks frivolous at first glance is actually a useful way of steering work behavior—and making money … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Behavior management isn’t a game

Finding new ways to reward people for their work is harder than it looks, says Badgeville … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Bug Invaders! Angry Code! World of Compilecraft!

Do you use gamification to motivate your employees? … continue reading

Achievements and learning: Gamification comes to businesses and schools

Startup takes page from gamers by offering achievement marks to get developers more engaged in their projects … continue reading

Game Developers Conference highlights business applications

“Gamification” is a buzzword, but turning your supply chain management system into a game is anything but frivolous … continue reading Protection Status