Topic: gender bias

Women in tech careers need female role models, flexibility

While there has been an increasing amount of effort in encouraging women to get into technology professions, a recent survey suggested that major changes are needed to solve the rest of the workplace problems women are facing today. The study was conducted by Pluralsight, an online learning company for technology professionals, and Women Who Code, … continue reading

Startup reports data on tech companies where women feel equal

Women can land roles in Silicon Valley, but their experiences might be very different from their male coworkers, according to a recent survey of senior women tech executives. In a short list of tech companies where women measured equal treatment, Apple comes out on top. According to the survey called The Elephant in the Valley, … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Gender bias on GitHub

It is no surprise that the technology world is dominated by men, or that women are often looked down upon in the workforce. Why? Some contribute this rationale to the way we were brought up (programmable toys are often geared towards boys), and some say it is because women aren’t as confident or don’t speak … continue reading Protection Status