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Cloudera gathers up open-source components for Hadoop

Eight projects will be bundled along with the distribution to ease enterprise-grade adoption of map/reduce … continue reading

Talend pulls Hadoop into data integration platform

Petabytes of data can be handled in Talend’s system, and the integration removes the need for separate tooling … continue reading

Startup creates development framework for Hadoop

Karmasphere offers tools to reduce the complexity of running map/reduce jobs … continue reading

Short Takes: June 1, 2010

The editors talk about unsafe ATMs, Facebook privacy, Hadoop, and a really cool thing IBM is doing … continue reading

Apache graduates Hadoop incubator projects

Foundations announces project promotions, and pushes Hadoop, Lucene sub-projects into the incubator … continue reading

Microsoft readying Hadoop for Windows Azure

As Hadoop adoption increases, the company seeks to provide its own product for the big data analysis platform … continue reading

Making Hadoop accessible to business users

Datameer is providing non-programmers with a way to query and manipulate the data stored in Hadoop clusters … continue reading Protection Status