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SD Times Blog: Hadoop Summit: Big Data is still getting started

Despite the growth in this sector, there still aren’t enough Big Data developers … continue reading

SD Times Blog: The long haul

How far into the future are you planning your products to last? … continue reading

Hortonworks brings Apache Hadoop to Windows

Aside from the port, Hortonworks is adding its own services to Azure HDInsight … continue reading

Code Watch: Map/Reduce, turn by turn

There’s a best way to do Map/Reduce; here’s a quick primer and suggested reading … continue reading

Open source burrowed deeper into the enterprise in 2012

From Apache to Git to NoSQL, open-source tools and platforms continued expansion into enterprise development … continue reading

MapR, Talend add Big Data to solutions

M7 brings Hadoop and NoSQL capabilities together; Talend provides profiling for Big Data … continue reading

Hadoop 2.0: More than MapReduce

Next version, shown at Summit, refocuses project as general data processing platform … continue reading

Big Data just gets bigger

Wrangling Big Data is a full time job, so where are companies working to make it more manageable? … continue reading

Bridges built to Hadoop, product-line engineering

JNBridge, BigLever roll out software to bring Java-based Hadoop to .NET developers, ALM tools into PLE framework … continue reading

From the Editors: Node.js is unruly, but that’s where the fun is

The time to get involved with Node.js is now; Hadoop is about to break its own barriers … continue reading

Hadoop hits milestone 1.0 release

HBase and cluster managements tools are highlights of the new offering … continue reading

Diving into the Big Data pool

Hadoop is at the center of the big-data universe, but a handful of companies are providing alternatives … continue reading

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