As data continues to grow exponentially within organizations, the need to store, discover and extract that data grows ever more important.

At the Strata Conference in New York that began today (and is now co-located with Hadoop World), a number of solution providers introduced new products and features aimed at helping organizations utilize all that data.

Hadoop technology leader MapR has created the M7 platform, which brings Hadoop and NoSQL capabilities together for enterprise-ready database functions. One of the key benefits of the platform is that it gives open-source distributed database HBase—part of the Apache Hadoop project—disaster-recovery and data protection, using data snapshotting and mirroring.

Further, the platform improves HBase scalability; the company claimed users can create more than a trillion tables, and that HBase has more than 20 times the number of column families and increased row and cell sizes to better accommodate large data objects.

Participation in the MapR M7 beta program is now open.

In other news, open-source solution provider Talend today announced Big Data profiling for Apache Hadoop. This, the company said, gives companies the ability to discover and understand data in Hadoop clusters. This capability will allow users to target poor-quality data, which the company said costs businesses in the U.S. alone some US$700 billion a year.

Among problems with data quality are duplication, incompleteness and inconsistency, which create inefficiencies in data processing. Data profiling is used to assess the condition of data stored in different forms across an enterprise, according to Talend, and its Talend Platform for Big Data has gotten new capabilities for visibility into Big Data in all its forms and locations. These include analyzing data in Hive databases on Hadoop “in place” without extraction; and the ability to do data cleansing, enrichment, migration and synchronization.

Talend expects to make the tool available next month as part of the company’s Talend v5.2 release.