Data integration company Talend has announced updates to Talend Data Fabric, which is an end-to-end platform for data discovery, transformation, governance, and sharing. 

The Winter ‘23 release adds capabilities for automating cloud migrations and data management, expanding data connectivity, and improving data visibility, quality, control, and access. 

To ease migrations, Talend has added the ability to publish workflows created on-premise to cloud platforms. 

There is a new AI-powered feature called Smart Services that automates task scheduling and job orchestration. Through Smart Services, users can pause and resume tasks based on smart timeouts, which reduces computing time and increases efficiency.

Through its Universal Spark capability, the company also is adding support for newer Apache Spark releases, enabling data scientists to develop Spark jobs once and quickly switch them to run on different Spark versions as needed. 

Also included in this release are new connectors for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Warehouse on HANA; ad platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter; and cloud databases like Amazon Keyspaces, Azure SQL Database, Google Bigtable, and Neo4j Aura Cloud. 

There are also new observability features to help data scientists uncover blind spots in their data. For example, they can check validity and usage of data types, apply contextual data quality rules, use the Talend Trust Score to see how data quality evolves over time, and gain visibility into sharing policies. 

Talend also made updates to Stitch, which is a fully managed cloud ETL service. It now has role-based access controls and new pipeline monitoring capabilities, enabling teams to get metrics on data ingestion, including data volumes, data freshness, and schema changes. 

“Winter ’23 is based on direct customer feedback and continuing to support those on the front lines charged with the increasingly daunting task of extracting maximum, ongoing value from corporate data,” said Jason Penkethman, chief product officer at Talend. “As well as continuing to drive operational efficiency and expedite data modernization efforts and returns, with Winter ’23, we are also empowering our customers to continuously monitor data throughout its lifecycle and understand and impact how it evolves and moves to fuel positive business outcomes.”