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New IBM Bluemix services, Parse open-sources SDKs, and Google Play services 7.8—SD Times News digest: Aug. 14, 2015

IBM is launching new Bluemix services for developers. The new tools are designed to give developers an easy way to integrate data analytics and visualization into their cloud-based applications. IBM Streaming Analytics, now in open beta, provides a way for developers to visualize data. IBM dashDB, now generally available, enables information-management, analytics and business intelligence … continue reading

GitHub launches support for Jupyter notebooks

GitHub has announced support for notebooks from Jupyter, formerly known as IPython. Jupyter consists of interactive command shells used to create browser-based notebooks with support for code, rich text, mathematical expressions, and other media used primarily by data scientists, researchers and programmers. GitHub announced that the more than 200,000 Jupyter notebooks already on GitHub will … continue reading Protection Status