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Google buys Java tools from Instantiations

GWT Designer top enticement for Google to buy Java, Web Toolkit tools; Smalltalk tools remain at Instantiations. … continue reading

JRuby team lays groundwork for optimizations

JRuby 1.6 comes with hooks for OpenJDK 1.0 that will eliminate the need for JVM workarounds … continue reading

SonarJ knows your Java application’s Structural Debt Index

Architecture tool matches the models inside developers’ heads to the actual structure of Java applications … continue reading

Terracotta boosts size of in-memory storage in latest release

Ehcache 2.2 can now hold more than 1TB of data in memory … continue reading

From the Editors: One Java to rule them all

The editors discuss Java coalescing under OpenJDK, and Google’s newfound attitude towards the competition … continue reading

Java EE 6: An easier path to the Web

The framework is still functioning, with a new REST API and a slimmed down Web Profile … continue reading

Servoy’s Web platform goes open source

Though it uses the Affero General Public License, this release is aimed more at Web-native developers … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: With VMforce, Java enters the Cloud

It’s about time that Java entered the Cloud, and VMforce could help breathe new life into Java itself … continue reading

Bringing safety-critical application rigor to Java

LDRA announces that it will support Java in its tools, starting with Testbed, TBrun and TBvision … continue reading

From the Editors: Gosling’s escape is symbolic

Oracle will handle Java the way it sees best for its business; how will Visual Studio 2010’s new features play out? … continue reading

VMware targets Java for Salesforce cloud with VMforce

Salesforce and VMware promise a Java cloud this fall, combining VMware’s infrastructure with the Spring framework … continue reading

Integration Watch: Java 7 looking good

Java 7 adds support for dynamic languages, expanded libraries and reduced verbosity … continue reading

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