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Karat Qualify released to replace resume screens and code tests

Karat introduced Karat Qualify, a new skills-assessment tool for organizations seeking to hire software engineers. This tool aims to revolutionize the candidate screening process by utilizing a short multiple-choice assessment, which replaces traditional methods like resume screening and code tests.  The format is designed to be user-friendly, providing a fair and accessible experience for candidates. … continue reading

ChatGPT this week: ChatGPT + Bing | Google’s AI attempt doesn’t go as planned | Using ChatGPT in technical interviews?

You may be familiar with the quote “software is eating the world,” but as of late it seems more like “ChatGPT is eating the world.” Ever since its public debut, it’s dominated front pages of the news, sparked many conversations about how AI will shape the future, and if you look at the trending page … continue reading

Brilliant Black Minds movement works to double the number of black software engineers

In the summer of 2018, Darius Faison was an incoming sophomore Computer Science major at Morehouse College. Unfortunately, due to a lack of experience with the technical interviewing process, Faison found himself stuck without an internship.  In order to ensure this would be the last time that he faced this problem, Faison dedicated his time … continue reading Protection Status