Topic: lambdas

C++17 standard now feature complete

C++17 is rolling along at a fast pace. As of June 30, the proposed set of features for the language revision is complete. That was also the day the C++17 committee held its final features meeting in Oulu, Finland, the result of which includes changes that will be available as add-ons for compilers. One of … continue reading

Amazon introduces Lambda, Containers at AWS re:Invent

At its re:Invent conference this week, Amazon announced two new services for its Amazon Web Services cloud. The first, AWS Lambda, is a compute service designed around event-based computing. The second, EC2 Container Service, is a container management service that supports Docker. Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, introduced Lambda at the conference. “The focus here … continue reading

Java SE 8 and OpenJDK 8 land March 18

Update to Java language adds lambda expressions; biggest change to Java since Java SE 5 … continue reading

Lambdas are coming to Java

Oracle details its plans for lambda implementation in Java, which will bring a functional layer to the language … continue reading Protection Status