Topic: legacy code

Facebook researchers develop Transcoder for migrating legacy codebases

Facebook has developed a new neural transcompiler system, Transcoder, to make it easier to migrate codebases to other languages.  Transcoder uses self-supervised training, which Facebook explained is important for translating between programming languages. According to the company, traditional supervised-learning approaches are dependent on large-scale parallel data sets for the languages, but these don’t exist for … continue reading

Typemock’s new feature uses artificial intelligence to solve unit testing challenges

The complexity and lengthy process of unit testing is a bit of a challenge to some developers, which is why Typemock has launched Isolator v8 for .NET developers. It features an artificial intelligence bot that generates suggestions to test the validity of the code as it’s written. Typemock has focused on making companies and developers … continue reading

Guest View: Are you delivering an app du jour or an app for the ages?

RAD. MADP. RMAD. aPaaS. Everyday it seems that analysts are defining yet another category of products. This makes sense because it is how the industry is used to tackling something “new” (cloud platforms, mobile devices, wearables, etc.). Organizations go out and purchase tools to solve a new problem, only to find that the target is … continue reading Protection Status