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Apple releases eight new open LLMs

Apple has released eight new small LLMs as part of CoreNet, which is the company’s library for training deep neural networks.  The models, called OpenELM (Open-source Efficient Language Models), come in eight different options: four are pre trained models and four are instruction tuned and each comes in sizes of 270M, 250M, 1.1B, and 3B … continue reading

Snowflake releases Arctic, a cost-effective LLM for enterprise intelligence

The database company Snowflake is adding another large language model (LLM) into the AI ecosystem. Snowflake Arctic is an LLM designed for complex enterprise workloads, with cost-effectiveness as a key highlight.  It can efficiently complete enterprise intelligence tasks like SQL generation, coding, and instruction following, meeting or exceeding benchmarks in those areas when compared to … continue reading

Databricks releases new open LLM

Databricks has just launched a new LLM designed to enable customers to build and fine-tune their own custom LLMs. The company hopes that by releasing this model, it will further democratize access to AI and enable its customers to build their own models based on their own data.  According to Databricks, the new model, DBRX, … continue reading

Predibase launches 25 fine-tuned LLMs

Predibase has just announced a new collection of fine-tuned LLMs in a suite called LoRA Land. LoRA Land contains just over 25 LLMs that have been optimized for specific purposes and that perform as well as or better than GPT-4.  Examples of the available models include code generation, customer support automation, SQL generation, and more.  … continue reading

Kong introduces new collection of AI plugins in Kong Gateway 3.6

Kong recently unveiled a collection of six open-source AI plugins for Kong Gateway 3.6. The plugins offer integration with multiple LLMs and significantly advance AI technology accessibility for developers and platform teams. According to Kong, the goal of this release is to enhance developer productivity by simplifying the integration process of LLMs into various products. … continue reading

AI2 releases OLMo, an open LLM

The Allen Institute for AI (AI2) today released OLMo, an open large language model designed to provide understanding around what goes on inside AI models and to advance the science of language models. “Open foundation models have been critical in driving a burst of innovation and development around generative AI,” said Yann LeCun, chief AI … continue reading

Integrating customer-centric AI into your products

Fine-tuning has been the sole method by which a model could be adapted to accomplish specific tasks. Today, the current large language model can be prompt-engineered to achieve similar results. An AI task that would have taken 6 months in the past can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes or hours.  This development … continue reading

Bugcrowd announces rating taxonomy for LLMs

Bugcrowd has announced updates to its Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy (VRT), which categorizes and prioritizes crowdsourced vulnerabilities.  The new update specifically addresses vulnerabilities in Large Language Models (LLMs) for the first time. The VRT is an open-source initiative aiming to standardize how suspected vulnerabilities reported by hackers are classified.  “This new release of VRT not only … continue reading

IBM has announced the upcoming general availability of watsonx.governance in early December

IBM has announced the upcoming general availability of watsonx.governance in early December.  This tool aims to address challenges associated with generative AI, which is powered by large language models (LLM) or foundation models. While such AI models offer various business use cases, they also bring risks and complexities, such as the use of unverified training … continue reading

Databricks introduces public preview of GPU and LLM optimization support for Databricks Model Serving

Databricks introduced a public preview of GPU and LLM optimization support for Databricks Model Serving. This new feature enables the deployment of various AI models, including LLMs and Vision models, on the Lakehouse Platform.  Databricks Model Serving offers automatic optimization for LLM Serving, delivering high-performance results without the need for manual configuration. According to Databricks, … continue reading

Cloudflare releases platform for AI inference

Cloudflare has launched Workers AI, a solution designed to provide the necessary infrastructure for efficiently and cost-effectively scaling and deploying AI models, catering to the upcoming generation of AI applications. The company has established strategic partnerships to offer GPU access on its global network, enabling low-latency AI inference near users. Paired with the Data Localization … continue reading

Amazon announces new developer tools for building with Alexa

Amazon has unveiled the future of Alexa, revealing plans to harness the power of a specialized large language model (LLM) optimized for voice interactions. This development is expected to enhance the user experience with Alexa, making interactions more natural and conversational. The company emphasized the importance of involving developers in this journey to shape and … continue reading Protection Status