Databricks has just launched a new LLM designed to enable customers to build and fine-tune their own custom LLMs.

The company hopes that by releasing this model, it will further democratize access to AI and enable its customers to build their own models based on their own data. 

According to Databricks, the new model, DBRX, outperforms the current open source LLMs using the standard benchmarks. It also beats out GPT 3.5 on several benchmarks as well. 

It was created by Mosaic AI, trained on NVIDIA DGX Cloud, and built on the MegaBlocks open source project. 

“At Databricks, our vision has always been to democratize data and AI. We’re doing that by delivering data intelligence to every enterprise — helping them understand and use their private data to build their own AI systems. DBRX is the result of that aim,” said Ali Ghodsi, co-founder and CEO at Databricks.

Dirk Groeneveld, principal software engineer at Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), added: “We’re at an important inflection point for AI that requires a community of researchers, engineers and technologists to better understand it and drive meaningful innovation. This is why our team at AI2 is deeply committed to advancing the science of Generative AI through open model development and are excited to see new models like DBRX bringing greater transparency, accessibility and collaboration to the industry.”