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Databricks releases new open LLM

Databricks has just launched a new LLM designed to enable customers to build and fine-tune their own custom LLMs. The company hopes that by releasing this model, it will further democratize access to AI and enable its customers to build their own models based on their own data.  According to Databricks, the new model, DBRX, … continue reading

Databricks to acquire change data capture platform Arcion

Databricks, a data and AI company, is acquiring Arcion, a company that provides enterprise databases, data warehouses, and cloud analytics platforms using change data capture (CDC), in a transaction valued at over $100 million.  This acquisition aims to enhance Databricks’ capabilities by enabling Databricks to efficiently replicate data from a variety of databases and SaaS … continue reading

Databricks introduces public preview of GPU and LLM optimization support for Databricks Model Serving

Databricks introduced a public preview of GPU and LLM optimization support for Databricks Model Serving. This new feature enables the deployment of various AI models, including LLMs and Vision models, on the Lakehouse Platform.  Databricks Model Serving offers automatic optimization for LLM Serving, delivering high-performance results without the need for manual configuration. According to Databricks, … continue reading

Databricks announces new AI-powered features in Lakehouse AI, Unity Catalog, and more

Databricks made the announcements yesterday at its Data + AI Summit, which brought together experts from Databricks and across the industry as a whole to discuss data and AI.  One of the announcements was that the company added new features to Lakehouse AI, which is a data-centric platform for building generative AI applications.   One of … continue reading

Databricks reveals new Delta Sharing partners: Cloudflare, Dell, Oracle, Twilio

Databricks has announced new partnerships with Cloudflare, Dell, Oracle, and Twilio through its Delta Sharing feature, which allows live data to be shared securely with other computing platforms.  For example, the Cloudflare connection allows sharing from Databricks to Cloudflare R2, which is Cloudflare’s distributed object storage offering, eliminating the need to manage complex data transfers … continue reading

Databricks announces Visual Studio Code extension

Databricks, provider of a cloud-based data engineering tool for processing and transforming large amounts of data, today announced the Visual Studio Code extension for Databricks. According to the company, this new extension will allow developers to write their code locally utilizing the editing capabilities of VS Code, connect to Databricks clusters and run code remotely, … continue reading

dbt Labs now available on Databricks Partner Connect

The analytics engineering company, dbt Labs, has announced that dbt Cloud is now available on Databricks Partner Connect. This brings users a risk-free, fast, and frictionless method to experience dbt Cloud on the lakehouse. Through this integration, Databricks users will be able to quickly provision a new dbt Cloud trial that is already pre-connected to … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Databricks launched Partner Connect; OpenAI’s API now available with no waitlist; unveils observability updates

Databricks, the data and AI company, recently announced Databricks Partner Connect, a portal for users to quickly discover a broad set of validated data, analytics, and AI tools and easily integrate them with their Databricks lakehouse across multiple cloud providers. Integrations with Databricks partners Fivetran, Labelbox, Microsoft Power BI, Prophecy, Rivery, and Tableau are initially … continue reading

SD Times news digest: OpenAI Startup Fund, JFrog Private Distribution Network, and Databricks Data Live Tables and Unity Catalog

The newly announced OpenAI Startup Fund is investing $100 million to partner with a small number of early-stage startups that are involved in fields that have a lot of potential for AI like health care, climate change and education. The companies in the fund will also get early access to future OpenAI systems, support from … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Databricks raises $1 billion, Pinecone reveals vector database as a public beta, and Argo Workflows 3.0 released

Databricks has announced a $1 billion investment that puts it’s evaluation at $28 billion, and will help support the rapid adoption of the companies’ lakehouse solution.  “We see this investment and our continued rapid growth as further validation of our vision for a simple, open and unified data platform that can support all data-driven use … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Databricks announces $400 million series F investment, OpenJS Foundation’s professional certification program, and Parasoft partners with Curiosity Software

Unified data analytics provider Databricks announced a $400 million investment in a Series F round, bringing the company’s value to $6.2 billion.  “Our bets on massive data processing, machine learning, open source and the shift to the cloud are all playing out in the market and resulting in enormous and rapidly growing global customer demand. … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Slack announces Workflow Builder, WSO2’s Identity Server with RESTful APIs, and Databricks’ new MLflow capability

Slack announced a new Workflow Builder tool that automates routine actions and communications. It allows users to automatically collect and route info to the right teams, standardize how to collect and share info up front, and create a customized workflow. “By doing all of this in Slack, where your team is already working, you’re keeping … continue reading Protection Status