The analytics engineering company, dbt Labs, has announced that dbt Cloud is now available on Databricks Partner Connect. This brings users a risk-free, fast, and frictionless method to experience dbt Cloud on the lakehouse.

Through this integration, Databricks users will be able to quickly provision a new dbt Cloud trial that is already pre-connected to their Databricks account. 

According to dbt Labs, this is helpful for customers who are looking to quickly get a feel for what dbt Labs and Databricks can achieve together through a streamlined and pre-configured workflow. 

“The dbt Community has long had interest in a joint solution with Databricks, and thanks to this accelerating partnership, we’re now able to deliver a turnkey experience to Databricks customers looking to experience dbt Cloud,” said Margaret Francis, chief product officer at dbt Labs. “It’s a natural fit – with dbt as the transformation framework running on top of a unified lakehouse, data teams have access to an open platform with incredibly deep community support.”

This news comes following a series of milestones for both companies, such as Databricks’ development of a dedicated dbt-Databricks adapter and gaining more than 1,000 members of the Databricks and Spark channel with the dbt Community Slack.

“dbt running on Databricks has made modeling accessible directly to business analysts. It all lives in one place and it’s all access controlled, so we don’t have to worry about writing to a separate data warehouse or a separate cloud… Having everyone in the same environment and accessing the same version of the same data, every time, is huge,” said Filippe Felisola Caso, business analytics manager at the Brazilian prop-tech company, Loft.