Predibase has just announced a new collection of fine-tuned LLMs in a suite called LoRA Land. LoRA Land contains just over 25 LLMs that have been optimized for specific purposes and that perform as well as or better than GPT-4. 

Examples of the available models include code generation, customer support automation, SQL generation, and more. 

According to the company, many organizations are beginning to realize the benefit of having smaller models that work really well for one specific purpose. Its own research shows that 65% of organizations are planning on deploying two or more fine-tuned LLMs over the next 12 months.

Predibase believes the release of LoRA Land will help companies implement these models without having to pay to build them from scratch, which is often not feasible in many company’s budgets. 

There is also cost-savings in actually running fine-tuned LLMs because typically they would require a dedicated GPU for each model, whereas multiple LoRA Land models can be run from a single GPU.  This is because the models were developed and trained using the company’s open source LoRAX project, which allows up to 100 fine-tuned models to be run from a single GPU. 

“We built LoRA Land to provide a real world example of how smaller, task-specific fine-tuned models can cost-effectively outperform leading commercial alternatives. Predibase makes it much faster and far more resource efficient for organizations to fine-tune and serve their own LLMs, and we’re happy to provide the tools and infrastructure for teams that want to start deploying specialized LLMs to power their business,” the company wrote in a blog post.