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ChatGPT Plus users now get access to GPT-4 Turbo model

OpenAI has announced that paid ChatGPT users now have access to GPT-4 Turbo, which is the company’s most advanced model. The new model improves writing, math, logical reasoning, and coding capabilities.  According to OpenAI, the use of GPT-4 Turbo will result in more direct and concise results from ChatGPT that use more conversational language compared … continue reading

Predibase launches 25 fine-tuned LLMs

Predibase has just announced a new collection of fine-tuned LLMs in a suite called LoRA Land. LoRA Land contains just over 25 LLMs that have been optimized for specific purposes and that perform as well as or better than GPT-4.  Examples of the available models include code generation, customer support automation, SQL generation, and more.  … continue reading

Prompt engineering: What to expect in 2024

As soon as ChatGPT was released and exploded in popularity, people began talking about how to best phrase requests to get the answers they’re actually looking for. “Generate an itinerary for a trip to London” will yield different results than “Generate an itinerary for a 6-day trip to London, with a focus on museums and … continue reading

OpenAI announces new models and API updates

OpenAI has made a number of announcements today, including the release of two new embedding models, new GPT-4 Turbo and moderation models, and new API usage management tools.  According to OpenAI, “an embeddings is a sequence of numbers that represents the concepts within content such as natural language or code.” They make it easier for … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: GPT Migrate

GPT Migrate enables developers to Easily migrate their codebase from one framework or language to another. GPT-Migrate employs sophisticated natural language processing methods to examine your code and produce code in the desired framework or language that achieves the same functionality. Whether a user intends to transition from React to Vue, Python to Ruby, or … continue reading

Google outlines four principles for responsible AI

With all the uptake over AI technology like GPT over the past several months, many are thinking about the ethical responsibility in AI development. According to Google, responsible AI means not just avoiding risks, but also finding ways to improve people’s lives and address social and scientific problems, as these new technologies have applications in … continue reading

OpenAI’s GPT-4 is now available with significant improvements from GPT-3.5

OpenAI has announced another major AI milestone with the release of GPT-4, making significant improvements from GPT-3.5. According to OpenAI, in collaboration with Microsoft Azure, over the last two years it has rebuilt its AI training track from the ground up and GPT-3.5 was the first test run of that new system. Since that release … continue reading Protection Status