GPT Migrate enables developers to Easily migrate their codebase from one framework or language to another.

GPT-Migrate employs sophisticated natural language processing methods to examine your code and produce code in the desired framework or language that achieves the same functionality. Whether a user intends to transition from React to Vue, Python to Ruby, or C# to Java, GPT-Migrate is capable of managing the conversion effortlessly.

Users need to have Docker installed and running and need GPT-4 model, preferably GPT-4-32k.

GPT-Migrate first creates a Docker environment for ‘–targetlang’, which is either passed in or assessed automatically by GPT-Migrate. The tool then evaluates existing code recursively to identify 3rd-party ‘–sourcelang’ dependencies and selects corresponding ‘–targetlang’ dependencies.

The tool then utilizes various contextual elements such as logs, error messages, file information, and directory structure to make decisions. Its operations involve choosing and performing one or more actions, like moving, creating, or editing files. For executing any shell scripts such as file relocations, it seeks user approval first. If the tool encounters difficulties or the user terminates the debugging process, it provides the user with instructions to proceed with the next steps of the code migration.

The new codebase is completed and exists in ‘–targetdir’.