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Letters to the Editor: Scripting languages are here to stay

One reader believes that Python and Ruby on Rails’ value to Web development means that they will keep going strong … continue reading

Microsoft reports record revenue for quarter

Business Division sales grow 20% from prior year; Kinect motion-control sensor launch drives Xbox sales … continue reading

Windows & .NET Watch: Microsoft’s iHeel

Apple has won the enthusiasm battle for smartphones and can use that advantage to encroach on Microsoft’s turf … continue reading

Muglia to quit Microsoft

Company cites movement to post-PC cloud world as main reason for departure … continue reading

Fall was a bad season for Linux

Actions from Novell and Red Hat have put the community’s in a lot of trouble and uncertainty … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: XML, Dot-Coms, Microsoft Dominate Headlines

Just as interesting as looking at the year just passed it to look back a decade and see which stories were top of mind then. … continue reading

Year in Review: Microsoft

Microsoft had a busy 2010, rolling out SharePoint 2010 and Visual Studio 2010; it also showed off its plans with Azure … continue reading

Short Takes: December 15, 2010

Getting youngsters motivated to program on their own; Symbian’s closing up soon; Microsoft’s strange change to WHS … continue reading

A year of broad innovation

As acquisitions dominated the headlines, numerous other important developments may have slipped under the radar … continue reading

Microsoft releases Silverlight 5 details

Platform will focus on media experiences and developer capabilities, such as hardware video decoding support … continue reading

Metalogix, Microsoft Bring Out Free Migration Accelerator

The tool will assist SharePoint users in using SharePoint 2010’s search capabilities in a business setting … continue reading

From the Editors: Microsoft 3.0

Ray Ozzie’s tenure as chief software architect was a mixed bag; agile leaders, give your developers a long leash … continue reading Protection Status