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Checking in with OpenACC

The SC16 conference in Salt Lake City this week highlighted the future of the high-performance, highly scaled application. That future, it would appear, involves at least the PCI bus, if not explicitly GPUs. At the event, Cray, NVIDIA and PGI discussed the future of the OpenACC standards, which are beginning to turn toward Intel’s hardware, … continue reading

The Trouble with Gerrold: Using all the petaflops

To sidestep the heat trap, we’re using multicore processors, but we need languages that use them better … continue reading

Weaving solutions for multi-threading

Processor cores proliferate, but challenges for developers remain … continue reading

The Trouble with Gerrold: Predictions, predictions, predictions

David Gerrold sees a future rich in technology, and also in need of skilled programmers … continue reading

Intel’s Parallel Studio adds Cilk Plus extensions for C/C++

Update to Intel’s tool chain for multicore developers includes faster compilers, updated analysis tools … continue reading

Development tools are catching up to multicore

Developers are finding ways to overcome hardships and challenged posed by making software in multicore systems … continue reading

NVIDIA unifies CUDA memory

CUDA version 4.0 makes developing parallel GPU-based applications easier by unifying memory space across cards and RAM … continue reading

Corensic tunes its debugger for parallel processing

Jinx is designed to track defects in applications for multi-threading, while avoiding reporting false positives … continue reading

Intel updates and expands multicore development tools

New bundles of updated parallel and threading tools are targeted at C and Fortran developers, among others … continue reading

Guest View: Let’s go beyond the CPU to the GPU

The GPU is increasingly being used to take on other tasks, and now programming tools are catching on … continue reading

From the Editors: Keeping Sun’s open-source software open

Oracle’s lawsuit against Google over Java is very troubling; the future of multicore development looks bright now … continue reading

Getting to the core of multicore development

Should developers “cheat” by using virtualization to scale applications across a multicore server processor? … continue reading Protection Status