Topic: natural language understanding

Google showcases advances in natural language understanding with Semantic Experiences

In an effort to showcase the evolution of natural language understanding, Google is launching Semantic Experiences to highlight some examples of what is possible with artificial intelligence. Natural language understanding is a type of artificial intelligence that focuses on machine reading comprehension. “Natural language understanding has evolved substantially in the past few years, in part … continue reading

Google Brain team prepares for machine-learning-driven future

Research on intelligent software systems and machine learning made great strides in 2016, and some of the credit for that goes to the Google Brain team. Going forward, the team said it will continue to conduct machine learning research, especially in areas like healthcare, AI safety, and natural language understanding. The Google Brain team doesn’t … continue reading

Facebook touts advancements in AI

Facebook wants to be more than just a social media platform. The company has been dabbling in virtual reality, software development, open-source software, Internet access, and more recently artificial intelligence. “Many people think of Facebook as just the big blue app, or even as the website, but in recent years we’ve been building a family … continue reading Protection Status