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Uno Platform 4.6 adds support for .NET 7

With the release of Uno Platform 4.6, Uno will add support for .NET 7 when it launches on November 8th.  The support consists of two parts: one is for WebAssembly and Skia (Gtk+WPF), the software library for graphics processing, and the other is for Mobile targets such as iOS, Android, Catalyst and macOS. Adding the … continue reading

Microsoft announces the release of .NET 7 Preview 3

Recently, Microsoft announced that the third preview of .NET 7 is now available. This release brings users enhancements to observability, startup times, codegen, GC regions, Native AOT compilation, and more.  Interested users can download .NET 7 Preview 3 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has also been tested with Visual Studio 17.2 Preview 3. Microsoft … continue reading Protection Status