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CNCF’s Notary and Notation projects get major update

Notary, the CNCF project that provides cross-industry standards for supply chain security, has announced a major release.  This brings both the Notary Project and Notation Project to version 1.0.0. Notation is a sub-project that implements Notary specifications.  Included in this release are an OCI signature specification, OCI COSE signature envelope, OCI JWS signature envelope, OCI … continue reading

SD Times news digest: CNCF’s two new security projects, Arm’s Platform Security Architecture, and Salesforce’s new AppExchange

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has announced it will be hosting two new security projects, Notary and The Update Framework (TUF). Notary is based on the TUF specification, which helps developers secure new or existing software update systems. Notary and TUF provide both a client and pair of server apps for hosting metadata. Notary’s … continue reading Protection Status