Topic: object relational mapping

Why your app’s database stinks— and your ORM too

At the dawn of the millennium, somewhere in the depths of a company contracted by the United States Navy, D. Richard Hipp designed SQLite so that you could finally stick a database inside an application. Its original purpose was to power guided missile destroyers, which surely could have used a fast, lightweight database that ran … continue reading

Apache Cayenne updated with a highly configurable runtime

After four years of development, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has announced version 3.1 of its open-source Java framework for object-relational mapping (ORM), persistence and caching: Apache Cayenne. “With the launch of version 3.1, Apache Cayenne has continued to evolve its mature 12 year-old library by introducing 125 new features,” said Andrus Adamchik, vice president … continue reading Protection Status