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JS++ 0.4.2 released with code editor integrations, modules and dead code elimination

Onux is still trying to fill gaps in JavaScript with the release of JS++ 0.4.2. JS++ is the company’s safe superset of the programming language designed to address the lack of type safety in JavaScript. The latest release features modules, function overloading, dead code elimination, and new integrations. According to Roger Poon, founder of Onux, … continue reading

The case for JS++

JavaScript has exploded. It’s everywhere: the browser, the server, your phone, IoT devices, and more. However, JavaScript can be brittle. The language was notoriously designed and developed in just 10 days, and its creator, Brendan Eich, has become JavaScript’s most prominent apologizer. JavaScript is controversial. Rarely have we seen a language divide software developers so … continue reading

Onux seeks to fix JavaScript’s lack of type safety

London-based Onux thinks it has the solution to JavaScript woes. The company announced today that it has released JS++, a type-safe version of JavaScript that it has created over the past few years. Roger Poon, founder of Onux, said, “The challenge with solving a problem of this magnitude is that there is just so much … continue reading Protection Status