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Year in review: Generative AI takes the tech world by storm

To say 2023 was a year taken up mostly by AI would be a massive understatement. Following the release of ChatGPT at the very end of 2022, generative AI blew up in 2023.  According to Reuters, ChatGPT had grown to 100 million active users by January 2023, which was just two months after it launched.  … continue reading

Open Source Summit Roundup, Day 1

The Linux Foundation released the first six in a planned series of Open Source Guides for the Enterprise during Open Source Summit North America in Los Angeles today. The Linux Foundation developed the guides in conjunction with TODO Group, with contributors representing Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Microsoft, Google, Netflix, Samsung, Red Hat, Comcast, Autodesk, Intel, … continue reading

Free Software Foundation changes priorities

The Free Software Foundation has updated its High Priority Projects list. This list, originally created in 2005, keeps track of software projects and technologies that the organization would like to see built in the open-source community, rather than simply with proprietary commercial software. The list has included items like Gnash (a free software Flash player), … continue reading Protection Status