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OpenStack looks to solve real world problems with open source technologies

The OpenStack Foundation announced several significant improvements and solutions today at the OpenStack Summit Sydney. The foundation introduced a four-part plan to integrate OpenStack with other open-source technologies. The plan includes: documenting cross-project use cases; collaborating across communities, including contributions to other open-source projects; fostering new projects at the OpenStack Foundation; and coordinating end-to-end testing … continue reading

Rackspace launches new native container environment

Rackspace has announced a new native container environment at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. Carina is a free beta service that aims to make it easier and faster for developers to create and deploy a cluster for their containerized apps. “At Rackspace, our mission is to give customers industry-leading service and expertise on the world’s … continue reading

Microsoft open-sources WCF, and OpenStack debuts Community App Catalog—SD Times news digest: May 20, 2015

Microsoft announced it has open-sourced the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) framework as a .NET Foundation project. According to a blog post by WCF project lead Ron Cain, the new open-source version of WCF will target the .NET Core framework for cross-platform architectures on Linux, OS X and Windows. Visual Studio 2015 RC also supports WCF … continue reading

OpenStack Marketplace launches at OpenStack Summit

New products are also coming out from HP, SUSE and more … continue reading Protection Status