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O’Reilly finds 3,600% increase in interest in generative AI in last year

It’s no surprise that people have grown more interested in AI over the last year. The technology insights company O’Reilly has just published its annual trends report, in which it revealed just how much more interest people have these days. According to the findings, interest in GPT and generative AI has grown 3,600% year over … continue reading

How software architects can control the future of software architecture

In order to drive the business’ competitive advantage, software architects need to mix three ingredients into the “evolutionary cauldron” if they want to keep up: agility, velocity, and modularity. The evolution of software architecture is the future, and software architects hold all the power, according to Mark Richards, an independent software architect who gave the … continue reading

Application performance a key theme at Velocity NYC 2015

A word that was heard frequently when walking through the booths at the 2015 O’Reilly Velocity NYC conference was “performance.” The conference provided a new perspective to performance and Web operations, and it gave everyone from developers to technical executives solutions to solve their dynamic website and application challenges. (Related: How government is using DevOps) … continue reading

Government organizations turn to ordinary measures to solve software problems

“When I got my bachelors degree in computer science, I never thought, ‘You know what? I’m going to help people change their lives and make their lives better.’ ” While it might not have crossed her mind at the time, Lisa Gelobter, chief digital service officer at the U.S. Department of Education, is now in … continue reading

Industry Watch: Big Data: Now what?

Organizations today get that they have to collect data to stay competitive. They understand how to store it, retrieve it and slice it. The idea now is to understand the data itself, to detect patterns and trends that will help the organization get new customers or members, service them more personally and engage with them … continue reading Protection Status