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SD Times Blog: Lesser-known forms of agile

By now, you and your teams of developers have dipped their toes into every waterfall, every agile pond, and quite a few DevOps rainbows. From pair programing and burndown charts to story times and scrum meetings, you probably feel as though you’ve heard of every type of agile practice there is. (Related: Agile works when employees are … continue reading

Kite gives developers an artificial pair programmer

A new solution is trying to reinvent what it means to do pair programming. The method calls for a pair of programmers to work together on one computer or workstation in order to learn from each other, and to catch each other’s mistakes. Kite aims to eliminate the need for another person by turning the … continue reading

Guest View: The secret to more productive Android development

Android may be the last great untapped platform in mobile. While Apple recently bragged of a spike in Android-to-Apple user conversions, the fact remains that Google’s operating system had 1 billion to Apple’s 800 million users in 2014. Android is also the choice operating system in emerging markets, like India, which are believed to be … continue reading Protection Status