By now, you and your teams of developers have dipped their toes into every waterfall, every agile pond, and quite a few DevOps rainbows. From pair programing and burndown charts to story times and scrum meetings, you probably feel as though you’ve heard of every type of agile practice there is.

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Not so! There are many lesser-known agile practices that could vastly improve your day-to-day productivity (or, at least, your enjoyment of work). So then, without further ado, we present some lesser-known types of agile development.

Pear Programming
Place a pear on your desk between your keyboard and monitor. When you’ve found the root cause of a bug and fixed it with a full comment, pull request and unit test, eat the pear. Great for developers who have bad eating habits.

Purr Programming
Find a cat. Place the cat in your lap. Program. Extremely calming, given the proper cat. The wrong cat can be extremely detrimental to workflow. Also try not to let kitty write any actual code: Cats on keyboards are the leading cause of bugs in purr programming pairs.

Pokémon Programming
When catching one exception isn’t enough, you gotta catch ‘em all! Also works with logs.

Punk Programming
Pick up the keyboard. Bash it against the screen, self, wall. Become disinterested when others do the same.
Platonic Programming
You and the code are just going to remain friends. Nothing fancy is going to happen, and you’re certainly not going to take it home at night. You could never love this code in that way.

Passive Programming
The same as pair programming, except one of the pair members is asleep, or in the bathroom, or at lunch, or doesn’t even know you’re at their desk, logged into their account, writing pull request under their username…

Using admin powers for evil rather than good. Typical examples include revoking access, removing users, deleting user-space directories, and pointing load balancers at desktops. Also fun with wireless networks and mac address filtering.

Prayer Programming
Dear lord, please let this work.

Livin’ on a Prayer Programming
The same as pair programming, but with Jon Bon Jovi as your partner.

Pare Programming
Begin with a large amount of code. Select a reference to some method, library, class, variable, what have you. Highlight the referenced item and delete it. Repeat until the application is completely broken. Submit pull request.