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The trouble with Perl 6

The GitHub community has been divided over the programming language Perl. The issue is that “‘Perl’ in the name ‘Perl 6’ is confusing and irritating.”  According to the Perl team, the Perl community is “split between those who view Perl 6 as sister language to Perl 5 and those who view it as a successor … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Android’s highest security reward, Perl’s CPAN Butterfly Plan and CircleCI’s funding round

In June of last year, the Android security team “increased the top payouts for the Android Security Rewards program.” In August, Guang Gong of Alpha Team submitted the first remote exploits chain since the increase. He was awarded $105,000, which is the highest reward in the program’s history. He received an additional $7500 by the … continue reading

Christmas Perl arrives

Perl 6’s 15-year history is actually more than just the history of a programming language. The process has paralleled the development of the Rakudo virtual machine, an all-purpose engine for running interpreted languages, known as the Moar virtual machine. Over the Christmas break, the Rakudo Perl 6 was released. While Rakudo Perl 6 is not … continue reading

Perl 6 advent

Perl 6 prepares for release with an advent calendar

Advent is known as a preparation for the arrival of something special. While religiously it is the preparation for Christmas, it can also mean the preparation for something that developers need and want. And Perl 6 developers have been waiting a year for the “official,” “released” version, which is why this Christmas (whether they celebrate … continue reading Protection Status