Topic: permit io introduces Permit Elements to give developers more control over user management

The team at the permissions framework for cloud-native applications today launched Permit Elements, a new product that works to allow application developers to delegate the responsibility of access controls to their own customers. This can be done using low-code, embeddable interfaces and was made possible by the company working to solve the problem of … continue reading launches low-code Attribute Based Access Control as alternative to RBAC

Permissions framework company has announced the release of Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC).  ABAC has low-code/no-code interfaces for building permissions into applications, which allows any team at a company to incorporate permissions, not just developers. According to the company, ABAC includes all elements required for enforcement, gating, auding, approval flows, impersonation, and automating API … continue reading

FusionAuth and solve tough authentication and authorization problems together

If you are a developer, there is a good chance that in your professional life you have been required to develop authentication and authorization management systems for an application from scratch. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve even had to rebuild it several times in a very short period, based on the evolution of … continue reading Protection Status