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SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: SIMP

The NSA is getting into open source with the System Integrity Management Platform (SIMP), a cybersecurity tool for the masses. From the National Security Agency, the governmental organization that brought you PRISM and the arsenal of surveillance tools leaked in the Snowden files comes SIMP, a Linux framework designed to provide a combination of security … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Groklaw shuts down in face of surveillance

The fallout from the NSA reveals continues as the legal analysis site quits rather than be watched by the feds … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Lavabit, Silent Circle, Kim Dotcom and the ongoing saga of encrypted e-mail

Since Snowden revealed PRISM, Lavabit and Silent Circle have shut down amid NSA pressure, and Kim Dotcom joined the party … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Moving beyond HTTPS protocols: The need for forward secrecy in network structures

Edward Snowden’s revelations have shown that HTTPs is not as secure as we’ve been led to believe … continue reading Protection Status