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Mastering Project Estimation: A Complete Guide

Project estimation holds a pivotal role in the domain of project management. It entails foreseeing the labor, time, and resources necessary to achieve project completion. This vital step significantly bolsters a team’s capacity to manage their workflow efficiently and set feasible expectations.  Project estimation offers transparency regarding resource prerequisites, allowing managers to assess the viability … continue reading

Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 introduces new integrations for on-prem teams

Zenhub has introduced the latest version of its project management solution. Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 includes features that are tailored for businesses that need to store essential data on-site instead of in the cloud.  Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 offers various productivity-enhancing integrations and a new platform experience, eliminating the requirement for users to possess a GitHub account … continue reading

Zenhub’s project management tool now gets help from AI

Many development tool vendors have added AI to their offerings to help developers be more efficient with coding, and now Zenhub is unveiling that it has added AI capabilities to its project management tool to make the whole process of project management simpler.  According to Zenhub, this new offering focuses on the team rather than … continue reading

Soft skills become imperative to be an effective project manager

While every developer is different, there is one thing that almost all of them have in common: the desire to build. Developers do not want to be bogged down by dependencies or constantly having to pause and answer questions from a helicopter manager; they just want to create.  This is why the job of the … continue reading

The Fungible Fallacy: Sociological impediments to effective project management

Part 1 of this article focused on the structural issues of how staff fungibility (the concept that one staff member can be substituted for another) can impede project management. The project management notions of project-month and full-time equivalent, are used to apply simple mathematical operators to people (e.g., two half-time people equals one full time … continue reading

In project management, size does matter

There is a potential train wreck out there. According to the trade press and peer-reviewed journals alike, systems development is in trouble. The much revered, and equally reviled, Standish Group’s Chaos Report says that only about 30% of systems development projects succeed, 20% outright fail or are cancelled, and around 50% hobble along in some … continue reading

Confusing the What with the How

Imagine you are building a house. You get all your tools, lay out the lumber, and start constructing the first room. As you are building the room, you decide if it’s a living room, or a kitchen, or a bathroom. When you finish the first room you start on the second, again deciding, as you … continue reading

Maximizing the ROI of your Agile transformations

Agile is hard. After over 20 years, organizations are still failing to realize the full benefits of Agile transformations at scale. They’ve seen the impact of Agile at the team level, being able to improve productivity, decrease risks and costs, and increase revenue, but they are failing to maximize those benefits across the enterprise. “As … continue reading

LinearB, Clubhouse partner to provide software delivery intelligence

Project management solution startups LinearB and Clubhouse are partnering to provide software development teams insights into their efforts so they can continue to improve project delivery, the companies announced today. The technical integration of the company’s offerings “will offer dev teams detailed project visibility and team-based metrics by correlating data across projects, code, Git activity … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Project management provider Clubhouse raises $25 million, C3 AI Ex Machina, and GitLab’s new subscription model

The project management software provider Clubhouse has revealed a $25 million round of funding to help expand its efforts and advance its solutions, Forbes reports. The company’s collaborative project management software aims to streamline and refine existing workflows. Features include Story for tasks, chores, features and bugs; Epics and Milestones so team members can have … continue reading

Startup takes data-driven approach to software delivery

Project management has historically had a top-down mindset that provides metrics to executives as to how their individual developers are performing. And those metrics, claimed Dan Lines, COO at project management solution startup LinearB, aren’t giving value to developers. “Software project management is broken,” Lines told SD Times in a recent interview. “Developers don’t want … continue reading

5 tasks project managers must perform to ‘sell’ their proposals

Did you ever stay up late watching infomercials on TV? Remember the salesman selling that stainless-steel turnip slicer-yogurt steamer, “And if you act now….” He must have been talking more than 200 words a minute. Three A.M., a crummy set behind him, a questionable item that might fall apart faster than its overnight delivery, and … continue reading Protection Status