The project management software provider Clubhouse has revealed a $25 million round of funding to help expand its efforts and advance its solutions, Forbes reports. The company’s collaborative project management software aims to streamline and refine existing workflows. Features include Story for tasks, chores, features and bugs; Epics and Milestones so team members can have a better idea of progress and work; Kanban boards for up-to-date status of tasks; Write, a knowledge base tool for documenting, collaborating and ideation; and the ability to integrate with popular apps and tools. 

“Our founders worked on large engineering teams and were frustrated using the popular project management tools that exist today, they created Clubhouse to offer a more enjoyable experience and better alternative for developers,” according to the company’s website

More information is available here

C3 unveils the C3 AI Ex Machina
The newly announced C3 AI Ex Machina is designed to “reinvent no code AI,” according to the company. It is a next-generation predictive analytics solution that enables users to developm scale, and produce AI-based insights without any coding knowledge. It features prebuilt connectors to data sources, a drag-and-drop interface supported by AutoML; and pay as you go cloud resources. 

“C3 AI Ex Machina enables anyone to combine their business expertise with no-code AI to deliver predictive insights that their company can take informed action against,” said Ed Abbo, C3 AI president and CTO. “C3 Ex Machina offers a tried, tested, and proven path to rapid enterprise AI application development and deployment. It empowers anyone with subject matter expertise to significantly improve their organization’s ability to make timely and contextual data-driven decisions.”

GitLab changes its subscription model
The company is moving to a three-tier product subscription model and phasing out its Bronze/Starter tier. Current Bronzer/Starter users will have a year to transition to its new model. 

According to the company, it has quickly evolved over the last couple of years that the Bronzer/Starter tier is limiting it from improving the solution for everyone. GitLab believes phasing out the tier will help it improve usability, availability, performance, and security and compliance. 

“Over the last few years, GitLab has evolved into a complete DevOps platform. Many Bronze/Starter customers adopted GitLab just for source code management (SCM) or continuous integration (CI), but GitLab is now a robust DevOps platform that can replace entire toolchains. GitLab customers are achieving faster releases, lower toolchain costs, and more productive developers,” Sid Sijbrandij, co-founder and CEO of GitLab, wrote in a post

Tiers will now include Free, Premium and Ultimate. 

Esri announces ArcGIS platform
The new geospatial platform as a service solution aims to help developers integrate location capabilities into apps, business systems and products. It includes direct access to location services through APIs and web frameworks. 

“With the release of ArcGIS Platform, developers now have access to professional-grade content and capabilities they can readily plug into their apps, allowing them to stay on budget while delivering enormous value by reducing time to market,” said David Cardella, Esri product manager for developer technologies.