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Democratizing software testing in the age of GenAI

In the ever-evolving landscape of software engineering, tools like GitHub Copilot are fundamentally changing how developers use Generative AI (GenAI) in coding. This shift is especially evident in the software testing realm, where AI-generated code is starting to impact customer environments significantly. It’s fascinating to observe how the software engineering world is transforming with the … continue reading

Domo’s App Studio provides simple no-code interface for automating business processes

The BI company Domo has just announced the release of its no-code app platform, App Studio, designed to enable any business user to automate their business processes with easy-to-create apps. It was previously in beta and is now officially generally available.  Users can heavily personalize their apps by creating them in the studio, which offers … continue reading

Creatio Copilot brings generative AI to no-code workflow automation

The no-code workflow automation platform Creatio has announced the release of Creatio Copilot, a new feature of the platform that allows customers to incorporate generative AI into their Creatio applications and workflows. It is available across the whole Creatio platform.  “With Copilot, we have united everything AI in one place,” said Andie Dovgan, chief growth … continue reading

SnapLogic releases no-code tool for building generative AI apps, GenAI Builder

SnapLogic has introduced GenAI Builder, a no-code generative AI tool for developing applications for enterprises. It’s designed to work with a variety of data sources, including old mainframe data and modern databases/APIs, and uses conversational AI to enhance digital interactions for customers, employees, and partners. GenAI Builder is part of SnapLogic’s AI suite, helping businesses … continue reading

In the low-code era, codeless testing tools deliver the efficiency and profitability coded test automation can’t

The use of low code and no code gained traction in recent years as demand continues to rise for faster and more efficient application development. To keep pace with the influx of newly built applications, many IT leaders are investing in testing automation — a market that’s projected to show a compound annual growth rate of … continue reading

How to level up your low-code game

At the end of 2022, Gartner made the prediction that in 2023, low-code spending would increase by 20%. This may seem like a bold claim, considering that lately it seems that all organizations want to do is cut, cut, cut. But when you think about the promise of low-code, and being able to do more … continue reading

The phases and stages of the no-code development life cycle

Software development is in the midst of the no-code revolution, democratizing the process for knowledge workers by allowing non-developers to build applications. However, this space is still new and sometimes overhyped. Understanding what no-code development really is — and what it isn’t — is key to realizing the expected benefits and successfully starting your company’s … continue reading

Creatio’s latest updates speed up building of no-code apps

The low-code platform Creatio has announced updates to its platform that will help users create apps even more quickly than they could have before. The latest version includes a new composable architecture, which provides users with a library of ready-to-use components. All of the components are pluggable, replaceable, and reusable, which significantly reduces the amount … continue reading

Low code doesn’t necessarily mean low security risks

Low-code has many benefits, and they’ve been widely discussed in a number of articles here on SD Times, but one area in which they don’t really have an edge is security.  It’s not that low code is more risky than traditional code, but the same risks are there, Jeff Williams, co-founder and CTO of Contrast … continue reading

Log4j is just the beginning – Secure your software with no-code DevOps orchestration

As a backbone of software ecosystems, security is a massive driver for acquiring new customers and ensuring they’re able to use software securely. However, maleficent forces have, and will, find their way into applications regardless of how vast or tall security gates are set up.   Recently, a critical vulnerability in Apache Log4j, a popular Java … continue reading

Opsera and Mindtree announce partnership to help customers further their digital transformations

Opsera, the continuous orchestration platform for DevOps, and the technology services and digital transformation company, Mindtree, today announced that they are entering into a partnership. The combination of the companies is intended to enable enterprises to increase scale, speed-to-market, and customer satisfaction as they advance along their transformation journey. “We are confident that our partnership … continue reading

Unqork Spring 2022 release gives no-code developers greater control

The no-code platform Unqork has announced a new update that enables companies to improve upon their ability to build applications without needing to code.  Unqork’s no-code platform is based on the idea of Codeless Architecture, which is “an open-standards approach to software development that allows organizations to build and run applications without ever thinking about … continue reading

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