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Official HTTP/2 specification published

The major HTTP/2 revision to the Web network protocol has been formally finalized with its RFC (Request for Comments) release. HTTP/2, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2, now appears at under rfc7540, signaling that the specification has reached its definitive version. According to the Internet Engineering Task Force, the organization managing HTTP/2 standardization, once … continue reading

OpenSSL issues urgent security advisory

OpenSSL has issued a new security advisory outlining more than a dozen issues ranging from high to low severity. (Related: OpenSSL to undergo massive security audit) On the heels of announcing a sweeping security audit of the now-stable OpenSSL codebase, the SSL/TLS security protocol underlying much of the Web’s encryption has published warnings for security … continue reading

OpenSSL to undergo massive security audit

Now that its codebase is finally viewed as stable, OpenSSL is getting a good top-to-bottom once-over in the form of a sweeping audit. It’s been close to a year since the Heartbleed bug sent the Internet into a frenzy over security. It spurred the software industry to rally behind OpenSSL—sending in more developers, revamping the … continue reading Protection Status