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Pulumi releases secrets management solution

Pulumi has launched a new product called Pulumi ESC, aimed at simplifying the management of secrets and configuration in cloud infrastructure and applications.  It addresses the challenges of handling secrets and configuration at scale across various cloud environments. Pulumi ESC allows teams to gather secrets and configurations from multiple sources, and organize them into hierarchical … continue reading

Pulumi Deployments launches to make it easier for devs to build cloud infrastructure

The infrastructure as code (IaC) company Pulumi has announced a new Deployments-as-a-Service offering Pulumi Deployments.  The new offering leverages Pulumi’s existing IaC platform and adds extensible building blocks to allow users to build their own cloud infrastructure. This allows them to build platforms that include features like drift detection, multi-stage orchestration, and code review environments.  … continue reading

Infrastructure as Code: Keeping developers productive, keeping organizations safe

Developers have always had a need for infrastructure. But with the need to update applications or websites quickly to take advantage of changing market conditions, the idea of asking IT to spin up an environment and having to wait sometimes days for it no longer works for organizations trying to keep pace. In short, developer … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Altova Version 2019, European Commission approves Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition, and Linux 4.19

Altova has announced MissionKit Version 2019. The new release adds a newly redesigned UI that provides support for high-PPI monitors, support for data mapping of Protocol Buffers in MapForce, new standards support, and a new add-in for Excel called Altova Solvency II XBRL. “To support developers working on high-res displays, we have given XMLSpy and … continue reading Protection Status