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SD Times news digest: July 11, 2014 – Kids programming robots, Amazon wants to test drones in US & new AWS web tools

Kids programming robots to learn new skills With just a smart tablet and Angry Birds, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers are making it possible for kids to program robots. The researchers have paired an Android tablet paired with a small humanoid robot, and kids are teaching it how to play Angry Birds just by dragging … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Japan’s robot comedian

Japanese researchers are developing and testing KOBIAN, an emotional humanoid robot that can tell jokes … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Bake your own robot

MIT researchers develop new algorithms and components that allow printable robots to self-assemble when heated … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Google’s Project Tango teams with NASA to build autonomous space robots

NASA SPHERES robotic platform equipped with Project Tango smartphone will assist astronauts in zero gravity … continue reading

The People’s Programmable Robot

Open-source Poppy Project robot and Python framework is making robotic production cheap and accessible to all … continue reading

Kids learn coding through interactive robots

Play-i is crowdsourcing a pair of robots that use play to teach kids the basics of programming … continue reading Protection Status